Techniques for Supervisors Observation, Evaluation and Coaching of Contact Level Staff for Improving and Sustaining Motivational Interviewing Skills

In this training the goal is to provide supervisors of contact level staff with an easy to use format to use while observing practice. The format will provide them with opportunities to enhance and sustain a high level of Motivational Interviewing Skills among the practitioners that they oversee.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the three stages of strength-based feedback for enhancing and sustaining Motivational Interviewing Skills;
  2. Score Motivational Interviewing Practitioner Performance using the Yale Adherence and Competency Scale;
  3. Identify Practitioner use of 10 Motivational Interviewing Competencies.

Who Should Attend?  This event is sponsored by the adult mental health block grant and is intended for persons who serve adults through the mental health and substance abuse provider network in the state of Michigan. Supervisors of contact level staff/practitioners such as case managers, supports coordinators, therapists, crisis workers, and Peer Support Specialist at the intermediate or advanced level of practice.