The Role of the ACT Nurse

Training Description:

ACT RNs will participate in interactive discussions, sharing experiences, reviewing observations, best practice treatment development and conclusions throughout a PowerPoint presentation lead by a Master’s ACT nurse.

Training Purpose:

To address the multiple roles and responsibilities of the ACT Team Nurse including direct service, medications management, doctor-team liaison, and integration of the ACT RN into the team and community setting. 

Learning Objectives:   

Upon completion of this training participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the required education, experience along with competencies of an Assertive Community Treatment nurse;
  2. Describe the primary duties and responsibilities of the ACT Nurse;
  3. Identify the primary physical health issues common to people who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness; and
  4. List three key steps in teaching other ACT staff and people receiving ACT services about the disorders.